FAB PHOTO Chicago corporate headshot photography is the most modern, efficient, and flattering way to create professional head shots for your company. Everything is completed onsite by the end of the session, from capture to retouching to delivery.

NO proofing after the shoot is complete, NO more rescheduled photo shoots because people are not happy with their company portraits, NO more wasted emails communicating what to retouch. FAB PHOTO saves you time and money by getting it right on-site.

The process is simple:

  • 1. The photographer poses the subject to look their most effective and takes several quick photos.
  • 2. Proofs are presented via an iPad by the technician. The subject chooses the picture they like the best. If they see something they do not like, the photographer re-shoots until they are happy.
  • 3. Once a favorite is selected, the technician makes digital enhancements to create the most flattering headshot possible.
  • 4. Subject emails or texts the hi-resolution digital image to themselves with the iPad.

A single headshot photographer and proofer can effectively generate 20 headshots an hour; to increase volume, you can add multiple proofers to a single headshot photographer.

Call FAB PHOTO for your professional head shots today: 773-234-1629.